Finding a Website Host


If you are looking for a company to host your web site, there are several out there that are Christian hosts with widely different rates. You can pay big for top of the line and you can pay big for not much, and you can get a lot for a little if you shop around. There are even people that will host your site for free if you are a church or ministry.

If you do a search with you do not always come up with all the available hosts. One that I have used in the past but was not found on the first two pages of but is a good host for the money, is

Perhaps the most popular is Christian web host. Be sure that you go directly to them, because Christian Web Host and many others have what are called reseller packages, where someone buys web space and resells it for about the same price as the actual host but you do not get the service and support that you get dealing with the main company, unless you happen to get a reseller who is a trained tech.

If you want the best of everything, such as the best stats, and PHP and ASP and so forth, then it will usually cost you more. Some offer this, some offer that, but if you shop around you should be able to find one that offers what you want at a reasonable price.

What is a reasonable price? Because the price of harddrives have been coming down in recent years, the price of web hosting is also coming down. There is no longer a need to pay 20 or 30 dollars a month for a good host, yet there are still companies out there charging that much and more. You can get plenty of space and plenty of gigs of download for less than $10 per month.

I now have a web host that allows me to buy a large amount of space and use more than one URL with the same hosting account. I can even resell my unused space. It is called a reseller account, which is a MUST HAVE if you have several web sites. This way I can host all my web sites with one account and one price. After doing extensive searching and trying several hosts, I found which I used for a couple of years. Then moved to, then to other hosts. I do not recomend Host Gator, but they may have improved since I used them. It is good to find a site that rates hosting sites. I would urge you to stay away from as they are not easy to use and will end up costing you lots of lost time and money; I know from experience.

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I WOULD NOT USE to buy a URL (domain name), they have very bad security and someone hacked into my account two times in two weeks and changed the password and all the owner information and it was a LOT OF WORK dealing with godaddy to get my URLs back into my name. I changed to another company that I like very much,

Here are a few Christian web hosting companies:

Mike the Webmaster