I have personally spent much time on the web searching for the best deal when it comes to registering a domain name. I have registered a total of five names with three different registry companies, and can tell you who to regester with and who NOT to register with.

I have had good experiences with and Mister.Net, they also have some of the best prices available. But NEVER NEVER register a name with You get no support from mydiscountdomains and if you try to transfer a name from them to another registrar they will not do it and they cannot even be called, they only have an answering machine!

The largest is But the cheapest is I would recommend Godaddy but they must have really bad security because they get a steady stream of complaints by people who have had their accounts hacked and someone changes the password and changes the name of the owner for the URLs in the account! I know because it happened to me twice! I hope other companies have better security.

I also recommend If you are on a tight budget and want low cost web hosting you can get a domain name and hosting through Mister.Net. Another name register is Lowest Domain Rates.

The domain register I was is and I highly recommend that you use NEITHER of those companies. 1and1 will not automatically retreave your hosting information and so if you transfer a domain to them it will go down until you go in and put that info in manually.

The other one, has very bad tech support and its web site will not even work right. You can change your email but it will still show the old email, you can ask for an authorization code and it will never arrive.

I recommend the one I am using now and have used for a couple of years now,



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