Finding the Perfect Piano Bench

Is your church looking for a new piano or organ bench? Perhaps you are in charge of the purchase or doing the research for the purchase? Piano benches are readily available in many places, but are they what you are looking for?

An inexpensive piano bench will save the parishioners money now, but it has a high probability of costing them more in the long run. It is much wiser to spend a little more for a bench now and get a quality piece of furniture that will last for years to come.

Good quality piano benches are made from kiln-dried hardwoods. The same color stain can be applied to different woods such as mahogany, walnut or maple and each wood will have a different hue or intensity. Therefore you should not have a problem matching the color of the organ or piano in your church.

While the plain wood piano benches are beautiful, many prefer a softer seat. Often the church organist will be sitting on the bench for up to two hours. Two hours is a long time to sit on a hardwood bench.

If you do decide to go with a cushioned top for the bench, there are 3 choices in coverings, tufted cloth, leather or vinyl. The best and most durable are the leather and cloth coverings. The leather comes with a button tuft; the cloth comes in a button tuft, or ‘diamond tuft’. The ‘diamond tuft’ is hand tufted which uses more cloth for the hand folds; this in turn extends the life of the bench and is more comfortable to sit on.

Another benefit of selecting a cloth top is that most manufacturers allow you to send in your own cloth. This will solve any ‘matching’ problems in the churches décor.

You can purchase a high quality kiln-dried hardwood bench with custom material hand tufted, and specialty legs in the duet size for $600.00. This is not unreasonable for a piece of furniture that will last for years and beautify the church.