Freeware is totally free programs that you can download and use for as long as you like, no limitations, totally free. The only programs that I will include here are programs that I have personally used, and usually programs that I use all the time!-- Webmaster


This program is the best little image program available at any price. It will open and show any type of image file, convert images from one type to another, optimize images so that a large 125k file is only 25k and just as good. You can change sizes of images, alter the color, even have a slide show of naked women landscapes. IT IS FAST -- EASY -- and FREE. You can download it at any of the freeware download sites or the home page:


This program will clean out the junk files on your computer and make it run better, start and close down faster, and free up space on your harddrive. I use it every day. You can down this program at or other free sites.


This is a replacement for Windows Notepad and contains many features that make it much better than Notepad, such as a tabbed windows. This one opens quicker than NOTESPAD, which is similar to this and is described below.


Has a built-in spellchecker! That alone makes it a must have, but it also will open and read .wri documents, has a tabbed window so you can have several documents open at the same time and easily switch between them, and it can insert the date and time, clear html tags, and much more. Perhaps best of all it does not have to be installed, just click and run!

It has one bug but it can be overcome; sometimes the scrollbar is missing but all you have to do is hit the page up or page down or the arrow keys. Very few free programs come with a spellchecker that actually works, so this is a great program.

You can download Notespad at and, and other freeware download sits. The biggest ones are and


This is a free antivirus program and works much better than many paid programs, and easily updates itself, or you can use the update feature easily. This program was supposed to stop being free but it is still free!

Agent Ransack

This program will search for files or for text inside of files and is about a million times faster than the Windows XP search feature.

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