The Truth About eBay

Ebay plays favorites and lets certain people get away with breaking the rules. One of the rules is that NO home-burned CDs can be sold on eBay. Well, I have reported a guy several times and they have refused to do anything about it. I had a CD almost identical to his and they forced me to stop selling it but will not stop this guy. His CD is home burned.

It is referred to as "recordable media." No "recordable media" is allowed on ebay, unless you happen to be related to someone that works at ebay or perhaps willing to screw someone that works at ebay. Here is the number of the item, 4160336894.

After I posted the above message on eBay forums, I was sent this messaage:

Dear Mike,

AMEN, AMEN. This is in response to your Ebay favorites. I had just the same problem with sword canes. I had one on and it was up to $53.00 and got kicked-off. I have reported many since then but only a couple have been removed. I just watched 3 go off that a person in CA (which is the state with the concealed weapons law) and they made over $900.00!!!! My wife had a Corning Coffee Pot kicked-off also. She put it on only after seeing other on. She got removed but others did not. We certainly need to talk to someone at Ebay. A person and not thru emails. Keep up the good work and I will do the same. Collectorholic

Thank you,


Ebay claims it does not know about the violators, but I can go on there any time of any day and get hundreds of listings of people selling CDs that are not mass produced in a factory. As a matter of fact, the very last purchase I made at ebay before they canceled my account because of my complaints, was an order that arrived on 2 home-burned CDs!!!

Ebay is crooked and will eventually get their comeupance.

Not only that, but I signed up for an ebay store just before they cancelled my account, and they have been billing me ever since, wanting their monthly fees for a store that does not exist because the account is closed. I wrote them, even contacted their live help and they refuse to credit my account. After several months they reopened my account but I still cannot access it until I pay what they do not deserve to have. They are crooked. They pulled the first payment out of my bank account and I just knew they were going to keep doing it, so I cancelled my bank account and opened another so they could not keep stealing from me every month.


While I am at it, I may as well expose Paypal as well. Long before Ebay bought them out they had major problems. Do a search for Paypal problems and you will find people complaining about them. With me, someone tried to charge huge sums on my credit card that was on file, through them, but they had no idea how it could have happened! I called and demanded that they close my account and some 8-9 months later I got an email from them saying that my credit card was about to expire.


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