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I have been buying books by mail order for over 30 years and on the net for 10 years, and I can tell you that one of the best places to buy books is on the net.

Many of the books that are sold used are as good as new, but the price is usually 1/4th to 1/10th the retail price. I recently bought about $250 worth of books for only $50. For example, I bought Windows XP: Tips & Techniques that originally sold for $39.99, but I paid only $9.95 and it was as good as new. Here are a few of the other books I bought:

Windows XP Headaches: How to Fix Common (and Not So Common) Problems in a Hurry.- $24.99-- my price-- $5.12

Html & Web Publishing Secrets-- $49.99-- my price-- $3.60, and it was like brand new!

Elements of Web Design: the Designer's Guide to a New Medium; an Introduction to the Tools, Technologies, and Possibilities of Designing for the Web.-- $39.99-- my price-- $3.70.

If I already know what book I want, the place I go first is a book search web site such as Book Finder.  Book Finder will list all the books for sale at most of the used book sites, even the very old books.  But if you check with Book Fetch, it will show a slightly different list, but they only list books with ISBNs (International Standard Book Number), which are no more than about 30 years old. Book Finder will list all books, even very old ones.

You put in the title or the author and it will bring up a list of all the used copies that it has in its database and what the price is and who has it for sale. The list is even linked so you can click on the lowest price and go right to the page and buy it.

The top four lowest priced web sites are,,,, and They all sell new and used books at great prices. One difference you should notice between amazon and is that amazon charges the same price for shipping regardless of whether the book is softcover or hardback, $3.49; but charges $2.79 for softcover and $3.49 for hardcover. The shipping at overstock is the lowest, usually only $1.00. The shipping varies at abebooks because they allow the seller to decided the shipping price.

By the seller I mean that all sites listed above except Overstock include books they don't actually have in stock, but which individuals and used bookstores do have in stock, and they list their inventory and sell books through these book web sites.

If I am looking for a book and don't know which one I want yet, I read the reviews at amazon, (no reviews at the other sites). After I find a book I want to buy I check the lowest price at amazon then go to the book price comparison sites listed above.

If you want to buy a new Christian book the first place to go is Christian Books Distributors at christian They have discounts on first run titles and huge discounts on books that have been discontinued by the publisher. You can get a $20.00 book for $2.00 or $3.00 if you go to the bargain or closeout section. I have frequently bought $100 worth of books for only $20.00, and the shipping for an order under $20.00 is only $3.50 by UPS, or USPS, for a whole box full of books! The packages from CBD usually arrive to my address, which is half way across the country, in less than one week.

However, Christian Book Distributors doesn't handle used books. If you want to buy used Christian books, the major web sites listed above should carry most titles.

Happy Book Buying
Mike Fortner











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