The Intentional Lies and Distortions of Christianity by the New Age Movement


Atlantis Rising magazine occasionally has some interesting articles, but most of them are based on faulty logic, distortions, and out-right lies. Case in point, the latest issue has an article that contains many falsehoods and intentional lies designed to undermine belief in traditional Christianity. I will only deal with one lie because it was so easy to disprove with only a few minutes of research.

General Constantine fought a battle and won after he saw a vision of the cross with the words, "In this sign conquer." But in the article titled, The Other Sun of God: Before There was Christianity There Was Mithraism, by Steven Sora, Atlantis Rising, July/August 2009, page 37, Sora writes:

Constantine's, "By this sign I will conquer" was the labarum, a monogram of Mithra and the all-powerful Sun, not the Christian cross. The church nevertheless would declare it was the cross that Constantine had in mind.

Constantine won his battle against Maximinus in 312 A.D., and Christianity was declared a legal religion in 313. Now if this unsubstantiated claim is true, how is it that Constantine legalized Christianity in only one year? Sora offers no evidence to support his claim and no other reasons why Constantine would have legalized Christianity if he was in fact supporting Mithraism instead.

In 325 A.D., long before Constantine died in 337, Eusebius of Caesarea published a detailed history of Christianity in which he clearly stated that Constantine honored Christianity as the cause for his victory over Maximinus. If that were not true, how is it that Constantine allowed his lie to stand? How could Eusebius even publish his history and expect to escape the death penalty for saying that Christianity was the cause of Constantine's victory if it was actually Mithraism? Here is the actual account by Eusebius of what happened immediately after Constantine's victory:

9. Immediately all the members of the senate and the other most celebrated men, with the whole Roman people, together with children and women, received him as their deliverer, their saviour, and their benefactor, with shining eyes and with their whole souls, with shouts of gladness and unbounded joy.

10. But he, as one possessed of inborn piety toward God, did not exult in the shouts, nor was he elated by the praises; but perceiving that his aid was from God, he immediately commanded that a trophy of the Saviour's passion be put in the hand of his own statue.

11. And when he had placed it, with the saving sign of the cross in its right hand, in the most public place in Rome, he commanded that the following inscription should be engraved upon it in the Roman tongue: "By this salutary sign, the true proof of bravery, I have saved and freed your city from the yoke of the tyrant and moreover, having set at liberty both the senate and the people of Rome, I have restored them to their ancient distinction and splendor."

12. And after this both Constantine himself and with him the Emperor Licinius, who had not yet been seized by that madness into which he later fell, praising God as the author of all their blessings, with one will and mind drew up a full and most complete decree in behalf of the Christians, and sent an account of the wonderful things done for them by God, and of the victory over the tyrant, together with a copy of the decree itself, to Maximinus, who still ruled over the nations of the East and pretended friendship toward them.


Clear proof that it was in fact a cross and nothing else! People coming up with new supposed discoveries against Christianity is nothing new, even Eusebius faced these people and spoke against them in the second paragraph of his history: It is my purpose also to give the names and number and times of those who through love of innovation have run into the greatest errors, and, proclaiming themselves discoverers of knowledge falsely so-called have like fierce wolves unmercifully devastated the flock of Christ. (Eusebius, Book 1, 2nd paragraph)

Included in the group of those who "proclaim themselves discoverers of knowledge falsely" is Atlantis Rising magazine and many other New Age books and magazines. Though Atlanits Rising does have a few interesting articles which are not New Age related.

Written by Michael F.

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