New Discoveries in Bible Prophecy

Interesting Christian Articles

The Intentional Lies and Distortions of Christianity by the New Age Movement
* The Doctrine of Eternal Security Exposed
Balaam: the man who could not make up his mind The servant who's wish came true
Beginner's Practice Story Prophecies about Christ in Old Testament
Bible Stats Snake bite
Harmony of the Gospels Simon's heart
The ruined city Special Blessing
I thought I loved my family Table of the twelve apostles
Miracles of Jesus (listed and where located) The day God changed his mind
Mystery on the road The fourfold Gospels
Names in the New Testament The king who hated himself
No cheating The look of love
Our Godly Heritage The race
Parables of Jesus (where located in gospels) The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy
Have new translations watered down the Bible?

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